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Maybe you have been told you need a root canal. You may have fear and apprehension or even wonder why you need a root canal. That's understandable.

Dentists entrust their patients to our special endodontic care. We are here to deliver a comfortable experience.

With our conservative approach, we will first evaluate your need for a root canal or other tooth saving procedures done at our office.

Working with your family or restorative dentist we attend to your individual needs. We will take the time to listen until we understand your concerns. Your well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

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As a Specialist, Dr. Johnson has Many Tooth Saving Procedures.

Root canal therapy is the primary procedure we do every day.

Besides varying the steps and methods we use in our root canal therapy to gain the best prognosis, we have some other techniques to save your tooth. Additionally, our facility is specifically designed for endodontics

After evaluation, we can select the best approach available to keep your tooth and relieve your pain.

Dentists often refer to us for these reasons.

Dentist Microscope ABOUT THE DOCTOR

Dr. Johnson brings with him a rich background of impeccable credentials to his endodontic practice. He has been working with general dentists in the area for over 24 years.

Having trained at Columbia University, using the best tools and information available. Starting with a microscope learn more...your specialist