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We are so Grateful for the many thoughtful patients we have had over the last 25 years in Northern Virginia now that we have become acquainted. Thank you for your feedback! Your unique personalities and kindness is the reward that drives us to do our best. We are so lucky to be in this beautiful neighborhood. It is so fun to learn from each of you. The unique character that each of you brings to our office. Thank you so much!

Written notes...

Dear Dr Johnson,

Thank you so much for seeing me early Monday morning and for squeezing me into your schedule today. I am truely grateful for the professionalism, your tremendous talent and your williness to take care of my emergency situation. You are a extraordinary endodontist!

With appreciation,


To: Dr Johnson and Staff

I would like to express my appreciation for the most pleasant root canal experience that I can imagine. I did enjoy the music(only another oldie would appreciate other "oldies"). The view of the trees from the window was definitely helpful. But, I mostly appreciated your keeping me virtually pain free, Dr Johnson, while doing your best, at what is certainly a difficult job. I felt confident in your hands

Your staff was very pleasant and I also appreciate their tolerating my anxiousness.

Although I hope I will only need dental work from Dr Dryden from here on in. If I do need to return to your office for any reason. I will do so without hesitation.



Dear Dr Johnson,

Thank you! It was so kind of you to take care of my right lower tooth problem before I left for China. I sincerely appreciated your thoroughness and concerned approach.

Visiting Nanjing and later Fuzhou, where my father was born and later . I enjoyed the food!

I apologize for the belated note. Almost immediately, when I returned, a friend took me on a cruise to Alaska!

Again I enjoyed the food!



Dear Dr Johnson,

Thank you for a very positive and painless proceedure. You relieved my pain and replaced it with comfort.Thanks also for your follow-up call. A great touch in these tread mill days.



To Dr Johnson and Staff

Thank you for taking me out of my agonizing pain 2 days before before my trip to the Cayman Islands. It was wonderful that you could fit me at the last minute. I had a fantastic time. I was able to deep dive at 120 feet with no discomfort whatsoever.

Thank you for your excellent Care,



Dr Charles J. Cunningham
American Board of Endodontics
211 East Chicago Avenue
Suite 1159
Chicago IL 60611

Letter of Recommendation for Dr Gary Johnson

Dr Charles J Cunningham:

This is a letter of recommendation which is unusually easy to write because I have only good things to say about Dr. Johnson. The letter is also short because positive things can be written in a direct manner.

Dr Gary Johnson has finished the two years endodontics certificate progarm. Dr Johnson very soon became appreciated for his knowledge, pleasant manners and excellent clinical skills by his peers, faculty and staff. He is intelligent, very hard working and quite willing to learn.

Dr. Johnson also took initiatives in various areas and he has something which is important to become an outstanding clinician - he has what I call clinical imagination. He is capable of extracting and extrapolating the knowledge from the literature and apply this together with common sense into a treatment plan.

I can only congratulate those who eill be able to benefit from Dr Johnson's services in the future, In other words, I recommend Dr Gary Johnson highly


Gunnar Hasselgren DDS, Phd
Professor and Director

Dr Charles J Cunninghham
American Board of Endodontics
211E. Chicago Ave. Ste 1150
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Dear Dr Cunningham:

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. Gary Johnson. I have kinow Dr. Johnson for approximately six years. Currently he maintains a high quality, state of the are, practice in the Washington D.C. area. His commitment to the specialty of endodontics is definitely deserving of certificate status. Dr Johnson is the type of person the Board would be honored to have counted among its members. His morals and ethics are of the highest standard.

I give him my highest recommendation without reservation.


Edward J. Strittmatter, DDS
Diplomate, American Blard of Endodontics